Specialty Services

Specialty Repair & Installation Services

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor air quality effects how everyone in your space feels and what they smell. The best feature of the following IAQ products is they can be easily added to your current system! Members of the Chiarappa family have allergies and asthma and can attest to the benefits of a high-efficiency air purifier and whole home humidifier!

BEST Offers:

  • Whole home dehumidifiers
  • Whole home humidifiers
  • UV Lamps
  • Ventilation Systems
  • High Efficiency Whole House Air Filtration

All ensure comfort regardless of season!

Server Room Air Conditioning

Large or small, BEST has the ability to custom fit all your server room needs. We prefer to design systems that are scalable and grow with your computing needs. Our track record is of successful, energy efficient server room cooling projects. For proper maintenance, BEST recommends servicing quarterly.

Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

Is your building experiencing high humidity, mold growth or uncomfortable stale environment? No matter what brand of existing unit you may have, BEST has the know-how to service it! Let us diagnose your indoor pool environmental needs. We offer replacement equipment from several quality manufacturers including, but not limited to Dectron, Pool Pak, Senesce and Desert Aire.