Forced Air Cooling

Be sure to have your unit checked and serviced once annually from a certified HVAC technician. BEST technicians are certified, so only the most informed and trusted experts work on your building. Whether for basic air conditioning or industrial services, BEST understands and works on it all.

Forced Air Conditioning System Installation & Repair

The most typical type of air conditioner is electric, forced air. It relies on a combination of ductwork and vents to distribute the air. Almost all forced systems make use of an air filter, heat exchanger/element/coil and controls. We’ve been repairing these since 1981. No matter what make, model, age, brand BEST can fix it!

Chiller Unit Installation & Repair

A chiller is an electric machine that uses refrigerator to chill water. The water is then moved with pumps and forced air blows over the chilled water coil or pipe. These systems are generally used for very large spaces that need cooling. For example, KSU has a campus-wide chiller. If you have a half a million square foot building, instead of having 40 small air conditioners you could use one chiller to pump water through the whole building. Chillers are also often used to cool large machines.

Roof HVAC Installation & Repair

Packaged roof systems provide heating and cooling to commercial space through one forced air unit. There have been several major advancements in package rooftop technology in recent years. BEST knows how to properly install this technology in your building to save your business money. The life expectancy of a rooftop unit is 20 years, but don’t wait until then to consider replacing. Replace now to maximize your energy savings potential. Again, BEST recommends quarterly maintenance.