Emergency Hot Water Tank Replacement Case Study

Feb 05, 2014

The weekend between Christmas and New Years we got a phone call to our emergency number. A family’s hot water tank had cracked and was leaking water everywhere. With no basement, there was serious potential to flood all of the first floor. Thankfully, the homeowner was there and called us immediately. Had he not been, this situation could have been disastrous; causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage.

To prevent this for other customers, we offer home monitoring systems. These can detect leaks if you’re not home or asleep, and for a fraction of the potential damage price. They can also monitor HVAC settings and temperatures in your home to avoid pipes bursting and other money-sucks.

hot water tankWhen they called they just wanted a new hot water tank, but we took it a step further. Steve, hooked up a new Navien tankless hot water tank. Tankless systems have been gaining in popularity for many reasons, including their ultra efficiency and low emissions. They also have a replaceable stainless steel heat exchanger to make replacement a breeze. Another benefit to the homeowner is endless amounts of hot water. How many families with teenagers wouldn’t want that?!

SteveThe unit we replaced was an 80 gallon electric hot water heater, costing the family $150.00 + each month. The estimated annual operating expense of the Navien we installed is $180.00 each year! Thats a savings of roughly $1,620.00 a year– boy were they grateful!

We were able to get out to them quickly and install a system saving them thousands every year! Remember, There’s Only One BEST!